Here is The one-stop LED SOLAR & RECHARGABLE electronic device you can use to to protect yourself, your loved ones, your children and your family from all manner of home pest, rats, insectices

INTRODUCING The Whole New Wonder  LED and SOLAR & RECHARGABLE PEST & MOSQUITO DEVICE... Works for all kinds of household pests, rodents, mosquitoees and insects  

watch video below to see how it works

Here's Why You Should get this wonder electronic Pest reject device right away!

 Maximum protection against Lasser fever

Prevention and protection they say is better and cheaper than cure, worst of Lassa fever has no cure till date...


preventing and protecting yourself and your family again Lassa fever is the best you can do and this one stop tool makes answer that question.


Aside maximum protection against Lassa fever these are other reasons you need this whole new device today 

Highly Multifunctional

This electric tool is highly multifunctional it’s anti-pest and rodents

Works for all manner of pests... rats, flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, bedbugs, ants etc

Deal with all this household enemies with this tool

High tech ultrasound technology

Made with newest chip to enhance the intensity of ultrasonic wave, which can be more effectively to make pests and rodents are harder to immunize than before. Ultrasonic can disturb and irritate the nervous system of pests which makes them unpleasant and uncomfortable.

Ultimately drives them away from your home. Works well on rats, mosquitoes, mouse, cockroach, spiders, ants, flies, bedbugs, fleas and more pests


Asides having a solar panel, this lamp is highly water resistant, also it is rechargable and retains power 

 Save your money for  Fumigation and Harmful Mosquito repellants

 No more expensive fumigations in your homes, this products sorts you out extensively and also saves you money from mosquiro repeallant made of harmful mixed chemicals 


 No Products attracts pets like a magnet, kills them, then has a led light that scares them away. also led light is powerful and soft, Soft lighting doesn't hurt the eyes. High efficiency, low energy consumption.

 The stress of walking around to kill pets and rodents? NO MORE

Save yourself stress of carrying fleets, slippers around to kill cockroaches and carrying broom around to
Kill rats, deal with them With these all Comfy device

  Eco-Friendly and Safe Design

The pest repellent is safe and environment-friendly, 100% safe for human and pets. The pest reject adopts the physical way and humane solution to repel mice and pests out from home instead of killing them, no chemicals, no smell, non-toxic and radiation free.


Suitable for indoor, outdoor, home, bedroom, living room, kitchen, office, garden, camping, tent, the wild, ect.

  Wide Coverage & Energy-Efficient

The device is effective for an area up to 80-120m2. The best efficiency is equipped in houses and apartments, in offices, hotel, warehouses , garages, attics, basements, farms and so on.

Using it for your home yields amazing results as ultrasonic effect will be weakened by walls and solid objects.

  How To Use This Product?

It's very easy to use, just plug it to power source, wait for 4 days for the ultra sound radiation to spread round Walls the house and watch it do the magic.That's all



REGULAR PRICE: 28,500 naira (for one piece)

TODAY'S GIVEAWAY PRICE: N17,500 For 1 piece (SAVE 5,000 NOW!)



N31,500 for 2 PIECES....

N48,500 for 3 PIECES....

N67,500 for 4 PIECES ....


Are you saying the price is expensive?

Is it expensive compared to the protecting your and life and the one of your loved ones from laser fever?


Mrs Hannah Ogundele - Lagos

since I moved into this new flat I have never kept my kitchen window opened because if I do, rats will easily get in and it's alwasy hard getting them out. I had fumigated but few days after it returned to the status quo.  I decided to give this pest reppeller a try and I just realised the window to my kitchen has been opened for 3days now with no rat moving it. It has not happened that way, it's a miracle. This product rocks! I will refer more people

Mr timothy Stephson - Kwara state

I have been struggling with cockroaches and rats in my home as a result of septic tank issues. I bought this product skeptically on seeing the advert and to my surprised, it's been days now and I just remebered I had not experienced pest disturbances so far. I give this product 101% rating 

Mr Johnson Anyawu - Anambara state

Very good and intact, just received mine 3 packs from the dispatch guy, delivery was super fast. I love the way it works


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  • Delivery is 1-2 working days in Lagos and 3-5 working days outside Lagos
  • 2,000 Naira upfront payment is required for locations outside Lagos, Abuja and Portharcourt. Balance is paid on delivery
  • Before you place your order below, make sure that the money is available and you won't be traveling out of town within the next 1-5 days.


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